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David Goldsmith

As a seasoned corporate Vice President with Pilgrim, Key Corp, Pimco / Allianz ,and UBS, he has faced many of the same challenges his clients face day in and day out.  He has been actively involved in a number of mergers, creating and implementing various corporate wide and divisional strategies.  Working in a hyper-competitive industry has taught him the value of critical thinking, decision making, problem solving, communication and management skills.  He witnessed first hand the destructive effects poor decisions, management styles, strategies and implementation efforts can have on an organization’s bottom line, productivity and its people.

While at Pilgrim he developed, along with a fellow executive, two new sales platforms that increased sales by 22 percent and increased the overall profitability of the company.  At Pimco / Allianz he drove sales from $24 million to over 240 million in 4 years by analyzing and penetrating new (profitable) markets and expanding existing businesses. His performance generate the largest sales increases in the company’s history.

David was involved in the beginning stages of the merger between Key Bank and Society Bank. He worked for the holding company Key Corp and was in charge of integrating the combined bank’s asset management products throughout the Society Bank (180) branches.  Among the four regional vice presidents, David led in sales.
This was accomplished by creating a cross selling strategy.

Pain Webber acquired a company with a different business model, culture and philosophy of doing business. The merger was in danger of becoming unsuccessful, at a large loss for the firm.  By analyzing and establishing a list of the acquired firm’s most profitable customers, he created a sales strategy that allowed Paine Webber to keep 90% of the most profitable customers.