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Key Note Speech Outline

“A man with fifty problems is twice as alive as a man with twenty-five problems. If you don’t have problems, you should get down on your knees and ask, ‘Lord, don’t you trust me anymore?’” — John Bainbridge

Below is an outline of my keynote speech:

i. How to creating a problem solving foundation.
ii. The secrets of decision making and problem solving.
iii.  The problem solving process.

2. The competitive advantage that will be hard to duplicate.

i. The ability to solve the true problems in front of you.
ii. In the history of business this has never happened before. The big 3.

3. Why is it so hard for leaders, executives and companies to uncover their true
business challenges, issues, and problems?

A. The Big Fall! A Fortune 100 company on the ropes

i. Denial the enemy of finding and solving problems
ii. SuperValue vs. WalMart. Who won and why.
iii. Business history does repeat itself.

B. Boy did I make a stupid decision

i. Ouch!  My bad decision and the problems it caused.
ii. This is not good.

C. The food alone was worth sitting through these.

i. Dog and phonies shows – my wall street days.
ii. Do you talk the talk or do you walk the walk.

D. The problem eye opener that paid a dividend.

i.The freeze – secrets to long term success.
ii. How to unlock hidden opportunities
iii. The big pay-off – the problem finding organization.

E..The sign that problems are around the corner.

i.  The clock-work theory and how to avoid it.

4. Problem solving techniques, tools, and skills.

A.  Case study – snap-shot of Kodak and how it missed its warning signs.

B. The problem solving mindset

i. The Apple of your mind

C. Assumptions-Good, bad, and ugly

i. You only go around once in life. Schlitz Beer. The blind assumption
ii. Familiar assumption
iii. Future assumption

D. How to increase the power of judgement calls.

i. How critical is your thinking?
ii. Intel – One Great Call – Andy Grove & Gordon Moore – No More Memory!
iii. 2008 The auto CEO’s goes to Washington.
iv. My personal judgment call experience.

5. The decision making and problem solving process.

A. Gordon Ramsey Process
B.  Unearth and frame the real problem.
C. Define what the end result will look like
D. What barriers must be over come
E. Gordon Ramsey the difference between success and failure.

6.  Decision making and problem solving wrap-up

A. One messy process