Table of Contents

Part 1 - How to Become an Expert Decision Maker and Problem Solver

Without a solid foundation, your ability to make the right decisions and solve the right problems decreases while your odds of using a hit-and-miss approach increase. Part One is designed to give the reader the foundation, knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary for developing the skills required to become an expert decision maker and problem solver.

Chapter 1 - My Experiences with Decisions and Problems

My time in corporate America has taught me that decision making and problem solving are very messy affairs. I have witnessed the disastrous effects that bad decisions and an inability to solve the right problems can have on an organization and its people. With this chapter you will begin the process of becoming an expert decision maker and problem solver.

Chapter 2 - Developing the Right Mindset

What is the first thing that enters your mind when you think of problems? Are your thoughts positive or negative? Learn how to change your mindset toward problems and allow them to open the doors of opportunity, making your life easier and your organization more successful.

Chapter 3 - Unearthing Your Style

Do you know what your learning or decision-making style is? This chapter describes the various learning and decision-making styles. Knowing your style will give insight into how and why you formulate your decisions.

Chapter 4 - The Do's and Don'ts of Making Assumptions

This chapter will help you better utilize your assumptions and incorporate them into a vastly improved decision-making and problem-solving process. Learn how to make assumptions work in your favor.

Chapter 5 - Making Spot-On Judgement Calls

The ability to make great judgment calls is an essential ingredient in any successful decision-making process. No one makes the right judgment call 100% of the time, but by the end of this chapter you’ll know how to get close.

Chapter 6 - How Critical Is Your Thinking?

Critical thinkers can move out of their comfort zone when formulating decisions and solving problems. In this chapter you will learn how to develop their critical thinking skills through real-life examples.

Chapter 7 - Building a Problem Solving Organization

This chapter will show you how to build an organizational culture that can make the tough decisions and solve the hardest of problems.

Part 2 - The Secret Is in the Process

Part Two outlines a process that will help you identify and solve your problems and then implement your solutions. Without a well-defined process to follow, you are doomed to implementing hit-or-miss decisions and hoping for the best.

Chapter 8 - Identifying and Framing the Problem

If you were taking a trip without a roadmap or a final destination, where would you end up? Nowhere, of course, and the same holds true for problem solving: Without an understanding of your problem, how can you ever hope to solve it? This chapter lays out the process for successfully unearthing the real problems before you.

Chapter 9 - The Process of Creating the Decision and Solution

Great decisions and solutions don’t just magically appear with a snap of your fingers. This chapter outlines all the elements of a successful decision-making and problem-solving process.

Chapter 10 - Implementing the Decision and Making It Stick

This chapter discusses the steps to successful implementation and execution of a plan. You will learn what to do once you make a decision and how to make it stick.

Chapter 11 - Performing and Measuring Progress Checks

This chapter details how to install a checks-and-balances system that will measure the success of your implementation process. You will also learn how to get back on track when things go awry.

Chapter 12 - The Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Wrap-Up

This chapter addresses the importance of decision making in today’s fast-paced and changing business environment, and offers a recap of the A-to-Z of the decision-making and problem-solving process.

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